We create and manufacture individually designed and custom stamps – unforgettable GIFTS – for your clients, business partners, friends or family members on special occasions.

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Individually designed stamps
Individually designed graphic stamp is an elegant identity sign. It could be a gift for yourself or best friend, your business partner or a beloved one, to celebrate a birthday, an Anniversary or many others occasions. A stamp with individually designed graphics is an especially valuable and extraordinary GIFT that lasts.

Custom gift stamps from our templates
We have an extensive collection of templates created by our studio’s graphic artists, each template being different in tone, appealing to various tastes and needs. Personalize with your text and give them as PRESENTS for your friend, family or client.  Use stamps to leave marks for the future!

Ready to be a gift stamps
Ready stamps are great GIFTS for birthdays or any major holidays and never fail to surprise. Such stamps make fine decorations for books, letters, envelopes, packages or place cards. The ready to use stamp is always there for your creative effort. It comes in a crafted gift box.