How my stamp would be customized?
When you are placing the order, you can leave your text for customization in a Note to Seller box (in case you did not left a note, please contact us by message after placing the order directly to info@ekslibris.lt). In 1-2 business days we would prepare a digital proof and e-mail you. Please check your e-mail to approve customized design, so we can pass the stamp to production. The price includes one round of edits. If no feedback after a week stamp will auto proceed to postage out.

What text is suitable for customization?
The text can be your name, surname, initials, short phrase, etc. If you are not sure if your text is suitable, please contact us before placing the order.

What materials are used to produce our stamps?
All our stamps are made of high quality rubber with hand crafted wooden handle. Professional rubber we have chosen makes sure that imprints are sharp and high resolution. Graphic design itself is created having in mind that each off the small details would be clear. Wooden handle is custom made by a local artist and is created for a comfortable use making sure that stamping would be easy and smooth on any kind paper surface.

Are our stamps are ready to be given as a gift?
Yes, you would be able to give the stamp as a gift right after receiving it. Each single stamp is packed in a custom gift box with authorial passport included. You would only need to add some little personal note. If you wish, we can also ship the stamp directly to a gift receiver. In case of this, please inform us in a note of seller or contact us by message. 

Does a stamp include an ink pad?
To use our stamps you would need to order an ink pad separately. We offer high quality ink pads which you can find in the section of Ink pads where you can choose one or several colors. We highly recommend to order and ink stamp together so you would be able to try your stamp as soon as you receive it. 

Can you make an individual design stamp for me?
Surely yes and we would do it with pleasure. We can accommodate you with designing an individual stamp according your needs. We have a lot of experience of creating custom family stamps, stamps for national occasions or different kind of events, stamps for business and brands. Every design starts from a scratch drawn by hand, so you can be sure that the graphic would be unique. Please contact us describing your needs, so we can discuss it together.

Wholesale availability 
We would be happy to accommodate you, please contact us by message or email info@ekslibris.lt

I need a rush delivery. It is possible? 
We are happy to offer express shipping as shipping upgrade. If ordering it, the stamp would be made as priority and shipped by DHL Express services which take 2-5 business days to deliver worldwide.